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Cabo Marlini


Cabo Marlini offers a wide range of Fishmounts, and a exceptional reproductions of Saltwater species.
Malins, Bull Dorado, Jack Crevalle, rooster fish, Wahoo, Yellow fin tuna.
A mounted fish can commemorate a memory of a life time. Our world-class artists take pride in reproducing the rich vibrant colors and true beauty of each species in every mount they create. We truly strive to recreate your fish to resemble the way it looked during the memorable day you caught it.

Yacht maintenance

Boat, trailer, and motor maintenance can be as simple as a freshwater wash down aftereach use and keeping them covered between adventures, helping to keep maintenance costs at bay.
Costs for routine maintenance vary by region, but for more involved services, such as oil changes and winterizing, expect to pay what you would for your boat on an hourly basis.
Pre-owned boats can require significantly more maintenance.

Wash your boat regularly to prevent the long-term effects of environmental wear and tear. Routine waxing and the use of an anti-fouling paint can also help protect your boat from the elements.

Proper boat maintenance means being actively involved in, and attuned to, all aspects of your vessel. Keep an eye out for everything from loose fittings to fraying ropes to any other areas of your watercraft that may need special attention or replacement.

Depending on the type of battery your boat uses, check to ensure that it is properly charged and that it has the correct fluid levels. Always keep your battery clean, as dampness and dirt can drain your battery.

Flush your engine after every outing, and check everything from your fuel tanks to the clamps on your fuel line for rust, damage or corrosion. Also check your oil for correct levels, proper filtration, and cleanliness.

Captain & Crew service

Jobs on a private yacht are highly sought after, and an experienced yacht crew can be a determining factor in the smooth operation of your vessel. No matter where in the world you may be, our agency is crew recruitment team is second to none! We will provide you with a select group of candidates and their profiles, enabling you to make an informed decision when it comes to filling whatever vacancy you may have onboard.

Hook up with a Captain here! Whether you need a Captain for your Personal Yacht full time, part time, or maybe a one time trip, Commercial Vessel Captain, Charter Fishing, SCUBA Diving, a Boat Tour or maybe a Boat Rental; it doesn’t matter, you should find a Captain providing the service you need on this site. As you can see we list a variety of Services. Just click on the Skills & Service you desire on the left.

E-mail or call us if you need personal assistance.

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